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Elizabeth Davis

What Exactly Is Obamacare, Anyway?

By September 5, 2013

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What exactly is Obamacare, anyway?Despite the fact that everyone seems to have an opinion about whether Obamacare is good or bad, a lot of people are hiding a dirty little secret: They don't really understand just exactly what Obamacare is. They're not sure if Obamacare is a social welfare program, a type of health insurance, some sort of socialized medicine, or a law.

It's not really their fault; Obamacare is a relatively new word. Both its meaning and the way it's used are evolving as health care reform progresses.

If you're not sure what the word Obamacare is actually referring to, if you don't understand what someone means when they say they're enrolling in Obamacare or they have Obamacare insurance, it's all right to admit you're confused. You're definitely not alone.

Check out "What Is Obamacare" and you'll get it figured out ... until it changes again.

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