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Dental, Vision & Other Types of Insurance

Learn about dental insurance, vision insurance, short term disability insurance, long term care insurance, and supplemental insurance. Find out if you need these types of insurance, what these insurances typically cover, how to choose the best policy for your needs, and how to use that insurance wisely.
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Vision Care Insurance
Most regular health insurance policies do not pay for the costs of routine vision care such as eye exams, corrective lenses, eyeglass frames, or contact lenses. Coverage (offered to less than 30% of employees) for such services is known as vision care insurance.

Medigap Policies – Medicare Supplemental Insurance
While Original Medicare (Parts A and B) will most likely pay for most of your hospital, skilled nursing facility, and outpatient medical expenses, you still will have out-of-pocket costs. So, you may want to consider a Medigap plan to help pay your out-of-pocket costs such as hospital deductibles, coinsurance charges, and copayments

Do I Need Travel Health Insurance?
Travel Health Insurance is a special policy designed to cover your medical expenses if you get sick or injured on a trip. It covers you for only a limited time, and is usually purchased to cover people on foreign trips. Whether or not you need travel health insurance depends on how likely you think it is that you might need medical care during your trip.

Pregnant? No Maternity Insurance? What Now?
If you're pregnant and don't have health insurance, or your health plan doesn't include maternity insurance, use these resources for getting maternity insurance or affordable pregnancy care.

Supplemental Insurance - Should I Buy Supplemental Health Insurance?
Supplemental insurance is extra or additional insurance that you can purchase to help you pay for services and out-of-pocket expenses that your regular insurance does not cover. Aside from Medigap policies, three other types of supplemental health insurance are widely sold in the U.S.

Short Term Disability Insurance
Short term disability insurance pays a percentage of your salary if you become temporarily disabled, which means that you are not able to work for a short period of time due to sickness or injury not related to your job.

Finding Mental Health Insurance & Getting the Most From It
Resources for finding mental health insurance, tips for getting the most out of mental health insurance, and how to identify mental health coverage you might not be aware you have.

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