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Health Insurance FAQs

Health insurance can be confusing! Find answers to your frequently asked questions about health insurance, saving money on healthcare, and healthcare reform in our Health Insurance FAQs.
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Can I Get Help Paying for Health Insurance?
Having trouble affording health insurance? You might be able to get help paying for health insurance premiums. Learn about programs to make health insurance more affordable like the premium tax credit and decreased cost sharing subsidies. Find out if you could be eligible for a health insurance subsidy.

I Missed Obamacare Open Enrollment. What Now?
Missed Obamacare open enrollment? Find ways to avoid being uninsured, what will happen if you are uninsured, and how to avoid the tax penalty.

Can’t Pay Your Health Insurance Deductible? What Now?
Need health care but can't afford your health insurance deductible? Get ideas for how to pay your deductible when you can't afford it but you need care.

When Is Open Enrollment on Health Insurance Exchanges?
See open enrollment dates for 2015, 2016 and beyond. Learn when your coverage starts and what to do if you miss open enrollment on your exchange.

FAQs About the Obamacare Controversy
These frequently asked questions about Obamacare address controversial aspects of healthcare reform by the Affordable Care Act.

I Have Health Insurance; Why Do I still Have to Pay for Health Care?
Learn why you still have to pay medical bills even though you have health insurance. Find out what you can do about it.

What Is Obamacare?
Confused about what Obamacare is? Unsure if it's a type of health insurance, a social welfare program or a law? Don’t understand what it means when someone says “enroll in Obamacare”? Find out what Obamacare is, what it isn’t, and what it means when used in different ways.

The Cost of Health Care—Why Is Health Care So Expensive?
Why is the cost of health care so expensive? Why does the cost of health care increase faster than inflation? A single cause underlies more than half the rise in the costs. To learn what's responsible, read more.

I’m 26 & Getting Kicked Off My Parent’s Health Insurance. What Now?
Losing dependent coverage under a parent’s health plan because you’re turning 26 years old? See your young-adult health insurance options.

Whats the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?
Its easy to confuse Medicare and Medicaid, but the differences are important. If you tell the doctors office you have Medicaid when you really have Medicare, you might be turned away. Learn how Medicare and Medicaid differ and why it's important.

HMOs vs. PPOs: What Are the Differences Between HMOs and PPOs?
The most common types of managed care plans are health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and preferred provider organizations (PPOs). Less common are point-of-service (POS) plans. Learn the differences between HMOs, PPOs, and POSs.

Are Health Insurance Premiums Tax-Deductible?
If you're self-employed, the answer often is yes -- the premiums you pay to cover yourself and your dependents probably are tax-deductible. They are not, however, if you, your spouse or your dependents are covered by another employer's group plan.

Am I Eligible For COBRA Health Insurance?
Think you may lose your health insurance? Learn whether youre eligible for COBRA health insurance so you can stay with your current health plan.

What Is a Drug Formulary?
A drug formulary is a list of generic and brand name drugs that are preferred by your health plan. Since your health plan may limit the medications it will pay for, it is important for you to understand your health plan's drug benefit and formulary.

What's the Difference Between an EPO and a PPO or HMO?
Don't know the difference between an EPO and a PPO or HMO health plan? Compare EPO vs HMO and EPO vs PPO health insurance.

Why Are Medications Cheaper to Buy in Canada?
Canadian drugs are cheaper than in the U.S., especially for newer brand name drugs. Canadian drugs are less expensive for many reasons, including government controls, drug formulary restrictions, liability issues, and market forces.

Deductible vs Coinsurance: What's the Difference?
Learn the difference between deductible and coinsurance so you'll know how much you owe when you use your health insurance.

How Much Does COBRA Health Insurance Cost?
Need to know how much COBRA costs? Learn to calculate your COBRA health insurance premiums and why COBRA costs more than job-based health insurance.

I Might Be Laid Off Soon. Should I See My Doctor Before I Lose My Insurance?
Many people who anticipate losing their coverage wonder if they should try to make the most out of their plan before it's gone. Find out why this may not be such a good idea.

Medicare Frequently Asked Questions
Medicare is a federal government program that provides health insurance for people age 65 and older, people with disabilities, and people requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant. The Medicare program is made up of several "parts" that offer various benefits, including hospital insurance Part A), medical insurance for doctors' services (Part B)…

Generic Drugs - Can I Save at Walmart and Other Big-Box Stores?
Generic drugs can save you up to 80% on the cost of your medication. Big-box stores such as Walmart and target have generic drug programs, which offer a 3-month supply of many generic drugs for $10.00.

What is Medical Tourism?
Learn more about medical tourism and whether it might be right for you

Will My Health Insurance Cover Clinical Trials?
Learn more about health insurance coverage of clinical trials.

What's the Difference Between Copay and Coinsurance?
Don't understand the difference between copay and coinsurance, or when you have to pay a copay vs coinsurance? Not sure which one will cost you more? Suspect you've been overcharged? Find the answers here, and understand how coinsurance and copays work.

I Missed My Job-Based Benefits Open Enrollment Period. What Can I Do?
Learn more about open enrollment, and what you can do if you miss your plan's open enrollment period.

Where Can I Find a Free Clinic?
Learn about how to find a free health care clinic.

Deductible vs Copayment—What's the Difference?
Learn the difference between deductible and copayment. See examples of how deductible vs copayment works. Know what you'll owe when you use your health insurance.

How Do I Enroll My Child In My Job-Based Health Plan?
Learn more about how to enroll your child in your job-based health insurance plan.

How Do I Obtain Charity Care?
Learn about how to obtain charity care for free or a reduced cost.

What Is Catastrophic Health Insurance?
Learn what a catastrophic health insurance plan is and how it differs from other types of health insurance. Learn what it covers and what to expect.

Is Catastrophic Health Coverage Right For Me?
Learn more about whether catastrophic coverage might be right for you.

Is My Individual Insurance Policy Required To Cover Mental Health Benefits?
Learn about coverage of mental health benefits in the individual market.

COBRA Vs Obamacare—Which Is Better?
Choosing between COBRA health insurance and an Obamacare health plan on your state’s health insurance exchange? See how they compare.

Lost Your Health Insurance? Not Obamacare Open Enrollment? What Now?
Losing your health insurance? Think you cant get a health plan on your health insurance exchange because its not open enrollment? Think again.

Other Options for Health Insurance
Where to look for health insurance if you do not have it through your job.

Customary and reasonable costs
What does "customary and reasonable" cost mean, and how will it affect payment for healthcare services?

What is a self-funded health plan?
Learn about self-funded health plans and how they differ from fully insured plans.

What Does a Case Manager Do?
Learn what case management is and who does it. See examples of how the case management works in hospitals, health insurance companies, and home health care.

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