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Why Was I Rejected For Health Insurance Coverage?


Updated December 16, 2009

Question: Why Was I Rejected For Health Insurance Coverage?
Answer: If you have been rejected for health coverage, it is almost always because you have a pre-existing health condition. You may be a reasonably healthy person, but when applying for individual insurance in most states, you are subject to underwriting. This means that insurance companies will carefully and thoroughly scrutinize your medical history for any sign that you might make a claim. Even relatively minor conditions like seasonal allergies will come under their microscope. If the insurer feels that you may cost too much for them to cover, in most states they are within their rights to reject your application for coverage.

Insurers may also reject your application for coverage if it is incomplete. Also, if they discover that you falsified information on your application, in some cases they can rescind your application retroactively, which mean that they take back all payments made on your behalf since the policy began.

If you have been rejected for individual insurance, you may want to explore some coverage options for the uninsured, including high risk pools or association health plans.

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