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Hawaii Health Insurance


Updated January 04, 2009

Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs - Insurance Division

The Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs - Insurance Division is responsible for regulating all types of insurance sold in the Hawaii, including health insurance policies.

If you are looking for health insurance coverage, they have lists of insurance agents and insurance companies licensed to do business in Hawaii. Go here to check for licensed agents or to find out if your insurance company is licensed to do business in Hawaii.

If you are having trouble resolving a claims dispute with your insurer, you can file a complaint with the Insurance Division. They have a complaint form available in pdf format here, or you can call (808) 586-2804 and ask for a form to be mailed to you. Instructions on what to do once you receive the form can be found here.

Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs - Insurance Division
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3614, Honolulu, HI 96811
Office Location: King Kalakaua Building, 335 Merchant Street, Rm. 213, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-586-2790 or 808-586-2799
Fax: 808-586-2806

U.S. Department of Labor

If you get your insurance through your job, your plan is also regulated by the U.S. Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA). They make and enforce the rules that your employer must follow when offering health insurance coverage to employees - for example, your employer cannot single out an individual employee to exclude her from the plan because she (or one of her dependents) has a costly illness. Also, if there are 20 or more employees at your job, you should be offered COBRA continuation coverage when you leave your job. The EBSA works to make sure that all of this happens and your rights are protected.

If you have concerns about your employer's practices in administering your job-based health coverage -- for example, if you think you should have been offered COBRA continuation coverage, but were not, or if you feel that you were wrongly terminated from your health plan -- contact your regional EBSA office.

U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration
Los Angeles Regional Office
1055 E Colorado Blvd., Suite 200
Pasadena, CA 91106-2341
Billy Beaver - Director
Phone: 626-229-1000
Fax: 626-229-1098

Buying Individual Policies in Hawaii

As a general rule, insurers in Hawaii are allowed to reject your application for coverage based on your health status. However, if you had at least 18 months of continuous creditable coverage, the last day of which was under a group plan AND you have exhausted all COBRA continuation coverage which was available to you, you may qualify as a HIPAA-eligible individual. People who are HIPAA-eligible are guaranteed the right to buy an individual health policy. If you are not sure whether you are eligible to buy an individual policy under HIPAA, your insurance agent or the Insurance Division can help you find out.

Hawaii QUEST - the state Children's Health Insurance Program

Hawaii QUEST provides health insurance coverage for qualified Hawaii residents, including children under age 19 from families who meet certain income guidelines.

Hawaii Quest
Phone: 808-587-3521 (Oahu) or contact your local office

Hawaii Sage Plus

The Hawaii Sage Plus program provides free one-on-one counseling for Medicare beneficiaries with questions about any aspect of Medicare, including the new Part D prescription drug benefit, or Medigap coverage.

Hawaii Sage Plus
Phone: 808-586-7299 (Oahu) OR 888-875-9229 (neighbor islands and mainland)

Hawaii Medicaid

Medicaid is a government program designed to help the poor and indigent obtain health care services. Pregnant women and children under age 19 who meet certain income requirements may be eligible for Medicaid coverage, along with aged, blind, and disabled individuals. For more information about eligibility, contact theMedQUEST Division Eligibility Office in your area.

Hawaii Medicaid
MedQUEST Division
Phone: 808-587-3521 (Oahu) or contact your local office

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