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Reader Stories: Managing Without Health Insurance


Updated March 28, 2010

No health insurance? Share your story and tell us about how you are managing your family’s health care needs and what you might have learned that could help others. If you have been laid off, what have you decided about COBRA? Have you found any solutions to getting the health care and medications you need? What advice do you have for other people with the same problem?

Husband Losing Job - Using a Discount Clinic

Somewhat scary. We make due when we can but the real concern is for our children. Who will take care of the children if no one can take care of mom and dad? My husband has medical issues that clinic …More

Lost Job. No Insurance. Using a Discount Medication Card.

To my suprise I could buy that same generic medication for about 8.00 using the discount card I got at www.nationalprescriptiondiscounts.com for free. I just printed it up and used it. It was like ha…More

Receiving SS Disability - Can't Afford More Insurance

Because I made a commitment to getting my health costs down, I did a little homework. It was scary to be without insurance except for Medicare. And because I couldn't pay, I put off necessary medical…More

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