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How a Health Insurance Subsidy Could Cost You Big-Time

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Getting a health insurance subsidy to make your monthly premiums more affordable? Watch out! You might have to pay back the entire yearly subsidy next April 15th. Don't get caught by this nasty surprise.

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How To Get Your Health Plan to Pay In-Network Rates for Out-Of-Network Care

Convince your health insurance to pay for out-of-network care as though it was in-network care, saving you money. Learn when and how to do it.

How To Save on Health Insurance if You Reach the Out-Of-Pocket Maximum

Do you reach your out-of-pocket maximum each year? Learn two techniques to save money if you reach your health plan's out-of-pocket limit each year.

What You Need to Know Before Getting Out-Of-Network Care

Getting care out-of-network? Learn how to decrease the costs and risks associated with going outside of your health insurance provider network.

How To Decide if You Really Need a Test or Procedure

Not sure you really need a test or procedure your doctor recommends? Here are some tips on how to decide what's right for you.

Find Out How Much Your Medical Care Should Cost

Can’t figure out how much you should pay for a test or medical procedure? These resources will help you find out how much medical care should cost.

Can I Get Help Paying for Health Insurance?

Can't afford health insurance? Learn about financial aid and subsidies to help pay for health insurance. See if you're eligible; learn how to apply.

Pregnant? No Maternity Insurance? What Now?

Pregnant? Don't have health insurance? Health plan doesn't include maternity insurance? Get resources for affordable maternity care or maternity insurance.

When Should You Use a Medical Billing Advocate?

Have medical bill problems? Health Insurance won't pay? Find out when it's time to hire a medical billing advocate and what they can do to help.

What Happens to My Flexible Spending Account When I Lose My Job?

Losing your job? Learn when you can use your FSA, when you’ll lose it, and what happens to money left in it. Learn how to get more than you put in.

Health Insurance Deductible—What It Is and How It Works

Find out how your deductible works, what counts toward it, and when you don't have to pay. Learn the different types of health insurance deductibles.

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