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Understanding Medicare


Medicare is a government health insurance program for Americans age 65 and older, people with disabilities and people on dialysis. Medicare can be confusing because there are several different parts to it.

Learn how Medicare works, including the different types of Medicare coverage. Find out how to get help with your Medicare problems. Learn about Medicare prescription drug coverage, and how the Affordable Care Act affects Medicare.

  1. Medicare Basics
  2. Types of Medicare & Medicare Choices
  3. Medicare Part D—Prescription Drug Insurance
  4. Problems with Medicare
  5. Medicare and the Affordable Care Act

Medicare Basics

Medicare 101

Learn what Medicare is and how it differs from Medicaid. Find out if you're eligible for Medicare, and what your rights are once you have Medicare coverage.

Types of Medicare & Medicare Choices

The parts of Medicare

The Medicare program is made up of several "parts" that offer various benefits, including hospital insurance, medical insurance for doctors' services, and prescription drug coverage. Find out more about Medicare and its "parts" so you can make the most of your benefit.

Medicare Part D—Prescription Drug Insurance

Medicare Part D prescription drug insurance is offered to everyone with Medicare. Part D coverage is provided through private insurance companies that have been approved by Medicare.

Understanding your Part D coverage can be challenging since the policies can be complicated and include a gap in coverage called the donut hole.

Learn how to enroll in Medicare Part D, how to choose the best plan, and how donut hole works.

Problems with Medicare

Having problems with your Medicare coverage? Learn where to go for help if you can't find the answer here.

Medicare and the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act makes several changes to Medicare. Some have already started, but others won't be fully phased in until 2020. Learn what these changes are and how they'll affect your Medicare benefits.

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